LearnShip Network GmbH, Dishonest Company

This is a public service.

Beware of LearnShip Network  GmbH from Cologne, Germany.  They are the most dishonest people I’ve ever met.  This group will ask you to work your butt off  but will eventually just cancel your contract.  They will rush you to finish your project then after they get what they needed, they will just say “we don’t need you anymore”. They still owe me money.

Let me tell you my horrible story here:

I was hired to to work on their educational materials.  They rushed and gave me deadlines, my contact person told me that I was doing a great job.

They asked for all the files I created and then the next day they surprised me with cancelation of contract.  They were claiming that I didn’t meet the quality they were looking for.  I argued this reasoning because base on my communication records, my contact person was saying that my job was good and and that’s exactly what they were  looking for. In fact, with everything I created for them the total of 450 files, only 11 files returned to be fixed and I immediately resubmitted.

When I questioned that why they were saying that my work is not good and there’s only 11 files that needed to be done, they gave me this lie that “They edited the rest on the files on their end”.  This is totally a lie because from the email conversations below will prove that my work was what they expected and the files that was resent to me was JUST the files that needs correction.

–Sent: Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012 15:53

I’ve checked chapter 06. It was good! There is just one subchapter that has to be modified. It is subchapter 17. Exercise A is missing. Please, correct it and then put it in the dropbox….

–On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 7:14 PM

I’ve checked everything that is in the dropbox so far. Good job! There are just two files that have to be changed: 

–          Chapter “Verbs” – Subchapter “The verb have” – practice exercises are missing

–          Chapter “Questions, negatives and answers” – Subchapter “Who, what and which?” – the activity C wasn’t correct and has to be redone.  

I would also like to discuss the deadline with you (Friday, 13th of January). So far, you’ve done around 50 subchapters (until Thursday) and there are around 150 more to be done. You would have to do, counting from today (Friday), around 20 subchapters per day….

–On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Exactly, this is how it should look like….

I’m also questioning this: If  they think that my work was substandard, why they waited for me to finish all the files they needed from me, get all of them before they inform me that they are canceling my contract.  The  truth is they found my work useful, and that’s exactly what they needed as what they claimed on our email conversation above.

Then they reiterated that the reason why they cancelled my contract it is now because “the speed at which the work was done was much slower than the expectations” according to them, which I totally disagree. Again, a lie.

Their deadlines were unrealistic, they told me that the files to be created was only 150 files so but when I totaled everything it’s about 430 files. Duh,  I completed 430 files versus 150 files they expected. If they think I didn’t meet the deadline, it’s because their project manager screwed up with scheduling which isn’t my fault and they have no excuse to throw me under the bus.

Don’t trust this people, you don’t want to work with them.  If you are planning to work for them as a teacher or planning to hire their service to teach you English.  Remember that they stole the materials from the workers who they didn’t  pay.

You don’t wan to work with dishonest people, they will try to screw you in every way.

I’m calling those other people who work with them and had problems, please post your experience here.  If you were their former teachers and didn’t get paid, you are welcome to post here as well.

If you are the client who didn’t get the service you expected, send in your experience here as well.


33 thoughts on “LearnShip Network GmbH, Dishonest Company

  1. Can anyone inform me if this company is a sub company of Stevens English Training, in Essen. They have an e platform and an office in Cologne…I’m working for them now, unhappily, same kind of prob,ems. I’m thinking they are one and the same.

  2. Whew!! I’m so grateful about this post, it saved me time and made my decision not to be part of this crooked company. I saw their job post and was planning to send my resume. Glad I found this on my research. Kudos to the posters and those who shared their experience in comments. Thanks.

  3. I completed training 2 years ago (seom of which has been useful for skype teaching since) and was asked to make 15 hours per week available. All classes during the first 2 weeks were cancelled 8 hours before the lesson, 4 classses in total so I decided it wasn’t a serious company. My impression is this is a large company that will look after it’s own interests first (like a lot of large companies.

    So to summarise, some of the training was useful but wasn’t at all happy with my work experience with them and found something much more suitable. Be careful, your time is valuable.

  4. Dear colleagues, BEWARE of Learnship!!! It is a VERY STRANGE company! Please share this in order to warn other people who might come across this company! It looks serious and just like any other company but it isn’t!! I have been fooled myself. I had to pass mock sessions which didn’t seem to be mock sessions at all, because once a student asked me, whether I was going to be her teacher, because she has always had different teachers, which isn’t normal, because it makes it difficult for the student to learn every lesson with a different teacher! Also I got very stupid feedback from the second trainer, because it was the opposite of what I was told just one day before after the first mock! Also the trainer constantly contradicted herself, especially in the third mock, and there were contradictions between the second and the third mock which didn’t make ANY sense! I really got the feeling the trainer was looking for some negative feedback on purpose and invented anything just in order to get rid of me, because, I think, they don’t really want to pay your services, they just want you to do the mock, which is unpaid work, of course!!!

  5. Thanks for this post and everyone who contributed. Glad I did a Google search and pulled this up before wasting my time on the interview process.

  6. Thanks so much. I hd already written a letter of application. Before posting I decided to check them out. And found this site! No letter will go towards them anymore. And luckily, judging by the stories, that was all the time I wasted. Glad it did not get a lot worse.

  7. They’re advertising afresh on a well-known translator job site, so I decided to check them out here, as they certainly sounded wonderful. Red flags that sent me here: 1. Rave client review from Bertelsmann, which turns out to be their owner. 2. Job responsibilities include recruitment!!!

  8. I also worked for Learnship as a mock student for the quality department!

    First they made everything sound awesome and simple:
    you can do it from everywhere (wrong, you are required to use a landline AND an internet cable connected with your computer, lol), you attend classes, pretend you’re a regular student, check out the teacher and tell the staff afterwards what you liked about the lesson and what not.

    It took almost four weeks to even get started, and the nightmare began: cancelations, miscommunications between staff, teachers and students, many many e-mails back and forth, and a continuous decrease in actual lessons (in the end I earned around 14 bucks A MONTH).

    They promised me up to 15 hours a week in the languages of Chinese, Spanish and English – in the end the only thing they needed me for were a couple of English lessons, which repeated the same material over and over (felt like a deja-vu).
    This would have been okay with better payment, but they told me: The payment (8 euros an hour, minus tax, so 7,20 euros) is low, but you “will learn to improve languages skills like Chinese etc. so it’s totally worth it!”… I have to say that the team was very friendly and at least willing to be helpful, they even paid lessons that didn’t take place because the teachers didn’t attend – but in the end it was a total waste of time.

    So happy I quit!

  9. I have an interview tomorrow and will most definitely cancel. I ran my own language training centres for 25 years in Spain and never did anything like this. I also designed tailor-made courses. Sounds like the perfect pyramid scheme to me. I live in France now. Glad I found out in time. Given the number of organisational tools that exist now, a scheme like this could be run as a kind of Internet cooperative or association; however, the marketing could be centralised, and each teacher uses his own material; there is no need to pool it. If anyone has any ideas, this might be an idea worth developing.

  10. I was hired at 16€ an hour and worked for them since March 2013. After consistent, stellar reviews from my many, many business English students, I then asked for an evaluation (they promise one after 3 months but mine was well after 6 months). I had an excellent review and then I asked for a raise to 18€………well, after that, my 20+ students were quickly reduced to 1 within 2 months – and I never did get a raise! They will suck you in with praise and promises and then bleed you dry after you’ve devoted your whole calendar to them!

  11. I had an interview with them a few days ago and received an invitation to their (2 full day, unpaid) training. I was told they would pay €24/€18/€12 for 90/60/45 minute sessions. But again, they only reimburse €20/month for phone costs (WHO uses only telephones and forbids skype these days?!) plus €0,35/minute (AT&T needs at least $2/minute).

    Anyway, I asked to speak to someone who was actually successful in navigating these demands, but otherwise, I’m marking it down in the SCAM category.

    • Hi, there. I think you should be grateful if they paid your phone cost. as far as I know, not all trainings are being paid. I don’t know how it is in your country but in Germany it is not obligatory.
      they don’t want you to use Skype because they are not the ones who developed the software and if the sound communication is not good, the students complain and eventually terminate the contract which is not good for Learnship and teachers alike. loosing students will result in lesser classes for the teachers…..
      using their own hardware,makes it easier for them to control technical issues which may come up.You just complained about the payment when you didn’t even get hired…..

      • This person seems to be writing on behalf of a well-respected company owned by no less than Bertelsmann? Look at their atrocious writing skills! And Bertelsmann is a publishing house, of all things.

  12. Hi people! Yes they pay you 15 euros an hours. But then you will get no more than 200 euros if you are lucky to get students! They are unbelievable! We should all open our own online school and kill their reputation!
    If you want to offer your services go ahead and put an ad on verbalplanet.com. If you are American go and apply for a position at Open English they are the best ever! You will get tons of lessons on a weekly basis!
    Anything else you would like to hear from this craps just contact me!

    • I’ve been working as a freelance English teacher for Learnship for about 3 years. Have always found them to be professional and reliable. Have been consistently earning about 1,500 EUROS per month. Not bad for a 4 day week. 🙂

  13. Thank you for posting this. I was going to do an interview for them but I decided to google them first, and I’m glad I did! All these shady ESL companies disgust me. The ESL industry is not about education but money.

    • Tell me about it! I lived in Vancouver for years, and there are oodles of ESL schools here. But foreign companies who send their people to Vancouver always use the same select few.

  14. Hi everyone I am very disappointed as well. They hired me with lots of requirements to teach Spanish online. They asked me to commit work at least 20 hours a week and guess what? When I started I did not have any student at all!!!! The first student came after a month of attending FREE LESSONS AS A STUDENT. They asked me to participate in tons of FREE lessons as a student without any reward …can you believe it????? No fixed schedule no nothing no work!!!!! UNbelievable! Then students never come back and they keep recruiting new teachers so they give 3 or 4 students per teacher on average and they are so cheeky to keep requesting you to participate in this FREE SESSIONS …omg…unbelievable!!!! IS THIS THE FIRST WORLD ??Thanks a lot !!!! I prefer my country 10000000 times!°!! Oh! forgot to mention the fact I had to pay my phone bill because they tele conference system had to be paid by myself as well!! And 100 euros just to buy a bundle including a camera, phone and headset and the taxes in my country!!! OUTRAGEOUS!! I spent a lot for nothing… BE CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY!

    • I also was a little surprised when I was told that I needed to attend 2 unpaid orientation sessions (14 hours total) and do unpaid 3 trial lessons as part of the ‘recruitment process’, PLUS pay the deposit for the bundle, PLUS spend an extra $60 a month on a landline, which I didn’t have. This seems very unethical and I decided I didn’t want to work for a company who thought it was OK to ask for this much of their prospective employees. This seems like exploitation to me. I’m glad others feel the same way. But sorry to hear that you got a raw deal.

    • Many thanks for informing me of this scam. They are offering positions in Edinburgh. You need to have a high level of French ! I do not get it since I am sure most learners will speak some English since after all, they will be learning English! I THANK YOU and hope others will not even think about the idea.

  15. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to post your experiences. I have heard much the same from several sources about Learnship.de and also about a number of other high profile English training companies. My own route is now to pursue English teaching work in a team with old university teaching colleagues, as well as finding my own way.

    I suspect that realistic pay expectations are relatively low, but many training companies are offering unrealistically low remuneration. I was not able to get even a rough estimate from Learnship.de, which immediately made me suspicious and put thoughts of interviews on the back burner (of course, I was offered one, presumably just like everyone who applies).

    My feeling is that you would generally be better paid and more secure working in an unskilled position through a ‘Zeitfirma’, such is the level of pay offered by many training companies. The customers, needless to say, are paying a high fee.

    If you are able to make direct contact with customers (bearing in mind the effort and time required for this method), your chances of making a living could be far greater. It is demotivating to discover that this and many other training companies are such bad employers that it would not even be worth taking work from them as a low-paid stop-gap.

  16. I should have seen this blog before I accepted the job here and saved me some heartaches. I got scammed as well. I was asked to teach an English course on a virtual one on one setup with a student in Germany. The student didn’t attend couple of our session and I was being blamed for the student’s absence. The student is lazy and just gave up. I don’t see why it’s my fault, the company is looking for ways not to pay, I think. I worked for the whole 2 weeks but they refused to pay me because of the 2 sessions that my student missed.

    Don’t work for this company, totally crooked. Shame on you!

  17. I appreciate your post, they have lots of ads for their job opening over the internet. I’m glad to see this blog post. Thanks for the warning.

    • I have an interview with them tomorrow to be an online teacher. I have reservation now. Do you know how much do they pay? There’s no mention of rates on any of their adverts

      • I had an interview today to be an online teacher as well and everything seemed legitimate but I’d like to hear more about the teacher who had issues with receiving payment, as it worries me. I’m not sure if I want to get involved now.

        I was told the hourly rate was 15Euro – I’m in France.

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